A1 Automation brings a complete automated solution
for your home or business

In the ever-changing world of technology, you must be aware of the automated systems that can bring comfort,
style, functionality and security to your home or business.


A smart home or business will give you the opportunity of not only having an environment that is cost-effective but
will afford you the ability to control that environment from anywhere you are. Gone are the days that you forget to
switch the light off when you go out, or have I locked the doors?


A touch of a button or voice control through, Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homepod will bring a brilliant
interactive experience that will control your lights, sound, heat and security. You can schedule all these actions to
suit your daily routine.


Whether you are a new build or an existing building, A1 Automation will bring their experience, expertise to offer an
automated design solution to match your requirements.

Complete System Designs

Absolutely Stunning Design & Functionality

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