Multi-Room Audio

Absolutely Stunning


Immersive Multi-Room Audio


Change the way you listen to music—forever. Fill your entire home with music or listen to a specific playlist in just one room. You’ll appreciate the flexibility to enjoy high-resolution music, your way.
Control the music in every room from any device. Group two or more rooms together to play the same song perfectly synchronised in party mode. Play a different song in every room when everyone wants to dance to their own tune, even allow your guests to stream their own music collection from their portable devices.
When it’s time for a get-together, group speakers together for a house full of sound.
Every member of the household can listen to his or her favourites – in his or her own space.
Pick up any of your phones or tablets as you move from room to room. Control the music in every room from any device. Set the mood that’s just right for the moment.

Enjoy access to millions of songs and thousands of artists through popular streaming services.
Manage the volume, start or stop music with a single tap.