Communication is simply utilizing devices installed on the structured cabling network to talk to people on a phone, see who is at the front door or watch a video stream from a camera.
The ability to communicate with people, and then let them into a premise, is access control.
Common communications and access control devices are Audio and Video Intercoms, Telephones, Video phones, Camera’s and Network Video Recorders.
Advanced functionality is achieved by combining systems and devices to create solutions. Some of these are:

• Talking to someone who is at your front door, from the other side of the world.
• Opening your driveway gates at your holiday home, to let the Gardener in, when you aren’t physically there.
• Recording the video from camera’s, and being able to see what has happened whilst you were away.
• Access the camera’s at your house from your IPhone.
Telephones can be so much more than just a telephone today. With the mobile phone advancing to the stage it is known as the “Smart Phone”, the home phone hasn’t been left behind. With integration possible to your door intercom stations, when someone is at your front door you can not only see who’s calling with a video based phone system, and let them in (if you choose to, of course), you can see a detailed list of who’s visited while you were out or even call you at work. Not to forget, of course, VoIP calls (Voice Over Internet Protocol), access to all your Social Networking accounts, handset to handset paging and intercom and many other added bonuses, your mobile is not the only “Smart” Phone available to you.