Video Distribution



Simplified Multi-Room Video


Distribute video throughout the house so that you can enjoy beautiful, 4K high-definition content in every room without adding clunky gear and wiring behind each TV.
With multi-room video, everyone can enjoy the same movie or watch what they want, wherever they want.
Share your entire movie library, streaming video and pay tv channels throughout the home—no need for set-top boxes and multiple video sources in every room.
Consolidate all of your audio and video equipment into a concealed area, creating a clutter-free installation, while delivering superior sound, stunning 4K high-definition video and an incredible experience in every room.

• Browse your movie library and video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Fire from any TV, touch screen or mobile device—anywhere in the house.
• Watch sports in the den, the news in the kitchen and kids movies in the family room. Each room has access to every video source and an intuitive on-screen interface makes it easy to select the right one.
• Instantly share new content as your library expands or you add video sources throughout the home.
Video distribution solutions have almost limitless applications – Custom installations, conference rooms, board rooms, retail stores, education, sports bar, sporting arenas in fact anywhere you find display devices.